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Chicks And Bricks
By Rafal Miazga
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Arkanoid meets angelic ladies... but Dave E isn't hot under the collar.

Chicks And Bricks

If you've ever fancied combining your love of girls in seductive lingerie with Arkanoid, then Chicks And Bricks is a game for you. It starts, as you might imagine, with your bat at the bottom of the screen, and a screenful of bricks - and your reward for clearing all the bricks from the screen is to see a hand-drawn picture of a girly. I don't know how risque the pictures get because I didn't make it all the way to the end - but early ones wouldn't bother the censors of a "U" certificate movie!

This Arkanoid clone has little going for it. The ball often floats through the bat rather than ricocheting off it which is extremely irritating. There are no bonuses to collect and the screen design is unimaginative. All blocks disappear after a single hit - and there are no aliens padding around to give the play a more unpredictable feel. So it's just one long slog to clear a screen totally full of the same style of bricks over and over again.

I suppose if you're a great fan of the bat and ball genre, you might be tempted to give this a go. But I'd be very surprised if anyone picked it up for the "chicks" themselves as, frankly, they are as boring as the game itself.

Dave E

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