Home Computing Weekly

Chemistry 1/Biology 1

Author: D.M.
Publisher: School Software
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #120

Though these tapes purport to be part of an educational "tuition" series, in fact they cannot teach, they merely check. If you know what they know and if you get the answer wrong first time, offer you one or two letters of the answer as a clue. Your score is then totted up at the screen and shown as a percentage. In other words it's the rather old hat quiz format.

Frankly, althogh the author has attempted to brighten things up with the use of a selection of colours weird sounds, together with an excruciating rendition of a classic melody in a single voice the whole thing is very dull. Neither loading screen tells the name of the program, and a number of programming bugs are apparent muse.

The score table shows five nght answers and five wrong ones, but your score is 45! The message to tell you you're the pits for scoring nothing disappears before you can read It. Sometimes, the box in which the cursor and your answer are supposed to appear isn't there and when you type in the answer, it appears in the middle of the question! And to cap it all, there are spelling errors. This, in my view, is quite unforgiveable in a game, let alone an "educational" offering.

In essence what you are offered here is one program with two sets of data for different subjects at a price that can only be described as extortionate. Appalling.


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