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By J&L Randall
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #19

Merit Chemistry

The programs in this package have been designed specifically for use in conjunction with the Merit range of Chemistry sets indeed without the Merit sets, the cassette would be of hale value. I felt the packaging is rather misleading, as it does not make this point guile clear to the prospective purchaser.

There are six programs on the tape: Introduction, Titration, Metals, Reactions, Gases and Electrochemistry. The idea is that the user completes the relevant experiments using the Merit sets, reads a textbook for further information and works through the program to consolidate what has been learnt. Demonstrations, simulations of experiments, information databases and a few games are included in the package.

For home education put poses. I doubt that Chemistry will have much impact, but in the hands of an experienced teacher, the programs might be useful. The experiment simulations could never rival they excitement of actually participating in an experiment in the science lab, but of course that isn't the purpose of the package.

Certainly, for revision purposes, the cassette would be quite useful, and some of the games are enjoyable to play, particularly the space adventure game which reinforces knowledge of metals, and the investigation game Inspector Kluedeau - which is part of the section on gases.


Control keys: Clearly explained in each section
Keyboard play: Fairly responsive
Use of colour: Very good
Graphics: The simulation experiments are very well done

Rosetta McLeod

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