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Cheat It Again Joe
By Impact
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 5.12

Now here's the business! Each of these collections has twenty (count 'em - twenty!) mega-cheats for all your favourite games - and at a very keen price too.

Impact you'll probably know as the ex-Superior Botterills who've brought a welcome breath of air into the Beeb/Elk mail order games world - lots of games, poster-sized reproductions of Superior inlay artwork, loads of tips, etc etc.

Now this is the next logical step - instant help for all those amongst you stuck in your favourite games - too many to list but, for example, Elite, Spycat, Codename: Droid, Ravenskull, all the Reptons and many, many more.

And who do we have to thank for all these cheats? None other than The Arcade's own Mark Gidley which means that regular readers of this column will already have early versions of many of these cheats And they're not all just infinite life pokes - imagine playing Citadel and being able to start with no keys required, no danger from monks and with the whole game speeded up. Loadsafun!

However, there is one criticism - despite Mark's best efforts - cheats work on both original versions of games plus the subtly altered compilation versions - it is not comprehensive enough. Not every game has cheats for both tape and disk - very annoying if you want the missing one!

Still, at these prices, you can't go wrong. These have to be cheeky little Christmas presents to yourselves...

Dave Reeder

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