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Cheat It Again Joe 3
By Impact
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 6.02

Another 'must have' collection of tips from ex-Arcade tipster Mark Gidley from ex-Superior Steve Botterill's new outfit.

As before, it has a host of pokes for some of your favourite games - infinite strength for Barbarian, extra weapons for Shark, even 255 lives for brand new game Clogger. And that's not even thinking about the host of extra fun you'll be able to get out of your copies of Repton Thru Time, The Empire Strikes Back, Cholo or Krakout. The presentation is fairly basic, but it's the pokes that count and these are as good as you'll hope for.

One slight caveat: although Mark has done his best to cater for the combinations of tape, disk and re-issued versions, the collection is not comprehensive. However, at these prices, the lack of a poke for your particular version of a game is not serious. It might even inspire you to follow Mark's example. Great stuff.

Dave Reeder

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