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Character Design Aid
By Kenema Associates
Oric 48K/Atmos

Published in Home Computing Weekly #16

There has been a trend for user-defined graphics programs to appear in magazines soon after the launch of new micros with the udg facility. This is true for the Oric 1 (see HCW no. 3), and, to persuade Oric owners to actually part with their cash, a udg program needs to have something special. This one doesn't, quite.

It lets you modify or re-design any character in the standard or an alternative character set.

Having specified which character you wish to alter, you move a cursor around an enlarged character square display setting or re-setting pixels until you have the character you want. The character you are creating is also shown in normal size.

Alongside the enlarged character square are the byte addresses and values of the new character. You have to jot these down when complete - there are no options to save on cassette or obtain a printer listing (the 'extras' that this program lacks).


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