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Amstrad Action

Championship Sprint
By Electric Dreams
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #32

Championship Sprint

Super Sprint was reviewed back in issue 27. Now there's a follow-up that has eight tracks to complete and a course designer for when you've exhausted all of those.

The screen shows an overhead view of the track with a lap counter for each car in one of the four corners. Next to that is a spanner counter. The races are four laps in length.

Each of the tracks has one or more of the following hazards that you must avoid: oil slicks, pools of water, gravel, whirlwinds, jumps, and bumping into the track edges. Failing a jump causes the car to explode; everything else either sends you in a spin or stops you dead in your tracks.

To continue onto the next race circuit you have to beat the computer drones. They don't move particularly fast, but they never collide with the boundaries of the track or fail to make a jump.

During the race spanners and points bonuses can be collected by simply driving over them. The spanners are used at the end of a race to customise your car. You either give it better traction, a higher top speed, greater acceleration or just have bonus points.

There have been no changes made to the graphics they're as mediocre as before. The sound effects are the same as the feeble engine noises in the previous game.

The gameplay is identical and so the only thing that makes this any different from Super Sprint is the course designer. It's easy to use and does add to the staying power of the game. If you already have Super Sprint then unless you were absolutely hooked on the game you might as well save your money.

First Day Target Score

Complete 6 tracks.

Second Opinion

I'm a bit puzzled as to why this wasn't released instead of Super Sprint. It offers nothing new except the course designer which, for a simple game like this, doesn't add that much potential. Certainly not worth getting if you've got the original but still worth a look for newcomers.

Green Screen View

No problems playing in green.

The Verdict

Graphics 67%
P. Good use of menus on the editor screen.
N. Collision detection is still as poor as in Super Sprint.

Sonics 22%
N. The feeble of hum of an engine.

Grab Factor 64%
P. Two player game makes it more fun.
P. Designing tracks adds to the enjoyment.

Staying Power 72%
P. Track editor means that you've as many tracks as you can think of.
N. The shape of the track changes, but the gameplay doesn't.

Overall 66%
If you've got Super Sprint then it has little to offer.


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