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By Peaksoft
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #10

This is a textual adventure game, and the challenge is to become a top football club manager and get to the top of the division within a season of twenty games.

Promotion is then assured, and, ultimately, if you top the 1st division you are entered in the European Cup. Don't ask - I've only got to the second division!

You start by giving your club its name and, given a pool of money, you're on your own buying and selling players. Players have a skill rating which affects their price and your chance of success. On pressing the P key your match result is displayed followed by the league table and then the news - some good, some bad.

It sounds dull unless you have a burning ambition to be involved with all the routine of management. But this is what it is - a management simulation.

At least a couple of hours is needed to play this game and it's a pity that there is no game save facility. You switch off and you're back in the fourth division.

I'm sure there's a lot of interest in football management and it certainly entertained a few of my friends. To maintain that interest these games would have to transcend the specialist barrier and initially Champions does. It is fast-moving, clear in its display of information and witty too.

I enjoyed the news flashes - "Brian Clough says you're rubbish, morale soars" - which gives some credibility to the character you imagine yourself to be. Unfortunately, for me, the novelty soon wore off and the routine of management made it hard to persist.