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By Temptation
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #36

Challenge brings you two well-known games. Mastercode Deluxe is simply Mastermind (no, not the one with Magnus Magnesium).

For the cave-dwellers amongst you, one must use logic to guess the colours and sequences of four pegs. The computer indicates which pegs were right at each guess, so you go on to deduce the correct code.

Of course, you can also enter a code for your silicon chum to guess. There are two skill levels.

The screen display is effective but the game suffers from being written in Basic - if you mark the computer's answer wrongly, there will be a lengthy pause!

Higher and Lower is a game from a TV show compered by Bruce Forsight. You are given a card and you have to say whether the next card is higher or lower.

Guess wrongly and you lose money, but guess correctly four times and you collect a golden payoff. You can also gamble your winnings in the chance of a bigger jackpot.

It's colourful, and the graphics are realistic, but somehow it lacks real excitement.