Challenge (Micromega) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Micromega
Sinclair ZX81

Published in Home Computing Weekly #5

Five programs on one tape, all on the theme of challenging the player's skill. The games all loaded first time, and the tape is accompanied by a booklet of comprehensive playing instructions.

Two of the games, Brands Hatch and Road Race, involve negotiating a course using only left and right instructions.

These I found virtually impossible to master, and continually bounced off the sides of the course. Road Race is marginally easier as you are at least shown a steering wheel indicating which direction to go in.

Cartoon Man is rather pointless it merely consists of moving a figure, cleverly animated, I will admit, across the screen at different speeds.

Juggler uses the same figure, this time trying to catch four moving objects. If one hits the floor you lose a life. I soon got bored.

Meteor Strike displays a map of the world whih cleverly rotates left or right. The object is to avoid a meteor storm descending from the top of the screen by moving the world so that the meteors land in the sea. The display is so near the top of the screen that you cannot see the meteors in time. But it was by far the best game.