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Cecco Collection
By Hewson Consultants
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #58

Cecco Collection

It's rare that critical and public acclaim go hand in hand - unless your name's Raff Cecco and your games are invariably brilliant. Hewson has noticed this too, so now it's bought four of his greatest games together in one compilation. A megablast of epic proportions, called the Cecco Collection.

Exolon: Vitorc the Mean has to go stomp an alien infested planet. With grenades and blasting galore, Exolon is a romp across platform after platform of traps and nasties. It looks a teensy bit old now, but the game's a great example of a classic genre.

Cybernoid: Arcade adventure meets the shoot-'em-up in space. A tiny red fighter ship has to see off hordes of pirates in a fight to the finish. Timing and trigger speed are essential. It's tough, addictive stuff.

Cybernoid II: More of the same - only even more fiendish trick flying is required to beat the pirates a second time. A flick screen shoot-out is a bit of a rarity, and with such stiff competition as this, you can see why.

Stormlord: Arcade adventure in the land of the fairies. Beautiful graphics and incredibly tough gameplay made took this one out of the realms of fairy tales and into legend.

So - four mastergames in one box. What more can a reviewer say? Each game exhibits state-of-the-art graphics for its day. Though Exolon may look tame now. if you compare it to the best of the modern stuff, it's still able to hold its head up high. Cecco has become something of an AA hero over the last few years, if you give the Cecco Collection a shot he may become yours too!

Trenton Webb

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