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Caverns Of Khafka
By Cosmi
Atari 400

Published in Personal Computer Games #9

Caverns Of Khafka

Remember Aztec Challenge and Forbidden Forest? Both games were programmed by Paul Norman and now here's his latest winner, set in an underground Egyptian tomb.

Caverns Of Khafka is essentially a Manic Miner game wth variations. The caverns are littered with treasure which your little animated figre must collect in order to move on to the next level.

There are four levels, and in each one you explore the caverns negotiating moving platforms, acid baths, ladders and other hazards.

Levels two and three have the added attraction of killer bats and darts flying through the caves. In level 4 - oops! - the ground seems to have disappeared, and the only way you can find your way about is by looking carefully for tell-tale signs of safe pathways.

You start the game with five lives and must collect 40 treasures. You get an extra life for every 20 treasures you collect and a period of invincibility for every ten treasures.

By the time you reach level 4 you have to hunt down 80 treasures - a mammoth task that should keep most gamesters busy for quite a while.

The graphics and sound on Khafka aren't quite up to the standard of some platform games currently on the market - Son Of Blagger, for example, wins on both counts.

However the game is very playable once you get the hang of using the joystick, which uses a fiddly combination of button and stick pushing to achieve all the different movements.

Caverns Of Khafka should tempt quite a few gamesters underground. Paul Norman sadly hasn't produced another Forbidden Forest, but this is a very enjoyable game nonetheless.