Cavern Fighter

Publisher: Bug Byte
Machine: Spectrum 16K

Published in Crash #3

Cavern Fighter

It might seem a little late in the day for a major software house like Bug Byte to be releasing a 'Scramble' type game, but that all depends on how good the game is. 'Scramble' has proved a very durable arcade game as it combines those very skills of timing, speed and hand and eye co-ordination which originally made computer arcade games so popular. As our reviewers, generally 'jaded' experts, found, Cavern Fighter is a worthy addition to the shoot em up tradition.

It's a quite classic version with caves, missiles, city, fuel dumps (for fuel and points), defence installation, asteroids and alien fighters. Once a sector is completed, it means that on loss of life you start at the beginning of the sector. The object of course, is to penetrate as deep as you can into the caverns (of Zragg in this case) and destroy the Dictator's lair (and save Watford - for what?) whilst avoiding the automatic missiles and guardians, and without crashing into the zig-zagging walls and ceiling at a reckless speed.


Control keys: user-definable, requires up/down/thrust/brake/ laser/bomb
Joystick: Kempston, but usable with most via user-definable keys
Keyboard play: very responsive
Colour: very good
Graphics: very good
Sound: excellent
Skill levels: progressive difficulty
Lives: 3
Screens: continuously scrolling - 6 sectors

Comment 1

Cavern Fighter

'The loading time on this cassette was so short I thought it must be for the 16K Spectrum. It has all the usual features including asteroids. The game is very fast and fun to play and a good version of 'Scramble'. I stress the word 'version' because in some ways it's different from the arcade original - for instance, it all takes place in the caverns. The graphics are very good and the game is highly addictive to play.'

Comment 2

'One of the problems with a 'Scramble' type game is the handful of keys required to play it well - so top marks to Bug-Byte for providing user-definable keys. I think this is the most colourful version I have seen for the Spectrum, and certainly one of the most playable. The graphics are good, very fast, large and well detailed and they move very smoothly. The explosions are not what you would call spectacular, but somehow they seem very vicious and realistic. Great sound too. An excellent version and worth buying.'

Comment 3

'If you haven't got a copy of a Spectrum 'Scramble' type game, then this would be a good buy. The graphics are smooth and colourful, good sound. I couldn't stop playing it is extremely addictive!'

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