Caveman Capers
By Icon
Acorn Electron

Published in Computer & Video Games #44

Caveman Capers

Caveman Capers is a significant improvement over some of Icon's earlier efforts - I remember Space Station Alpha in particular. Here you have to direct the character, who's standing on something that looks like a hedgehog, across a prehistoric screen which continually scrolls past you even when you're standing still.

It starts easy. The first thing you have to do is jump over a hollow in the ground, and as you can still move left and right even though the landscape's moving past you it's not too hard. Then things get a little more fraught as you have to cope with such nasties as crows and snakes while attempting to clear tougher obstacles, like ditches and some wretched mushrooms.

It's all good fun and the graphics are above average, with particularly smooth, judder-free movement. The sound is tolerable, too, but in general I feel the game is a shade overpriced.