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Caveman Capers
By Icon
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 3.05

Fun trip on a runaway tortoise

If your idea of fun consists of tearing through the prehistoric wilderness standing on the back of a runaway tortoise, then read on.

Caveman Capers is a new game from Icon Software which is based on this rather unusual theme.

Press the Spacebar to start the game and the background begins to scroll from right to left.

Caveman Capers

Balancing precariously on the back of a turbo-charged tortoise, you must leap over the potholes as you career towards almost certain disaster.

Some well-timed stabs at the Return key are sufficient to get you past these first obstacles.

Having been broken in gently, you will now be buzzed by pterodactyls while still jumping craters.

Caveman Capers

With the use of the Z and X keys to move our caveman hero short distances to the left and right, you can avoid nutting the birds.

Section three seems quite easy as there are no craters to jump - just a series of purple snakes hanging down from the treetops. The problem with the snakes is that they are constantly bobbing up and down.

Should they be in the down position as you pass below, then it's PROCheadache for our hero and shellshock for his transport.

Caveman Capers

The next two levels are very similar.

The first involves using extended jumps to clear some toadstools and in the second you're jumping logs.

The next stage is the one that is giving me great difficulties at the moment. I'm having trouble with crabs.

Caveman Capers

One minute they are lying nice and quiet on the ground, the next thing you know they're doing flipping star jumps at about waist height.

Icon has really gone to town on the graphics with this game as every character is drawn on a grand scale and in the brightest of colours.

One character who has not yet played a part in the game is a rather large dinosaur who keeps poking his head on to the screen and grinning mischievously. I'm sure he's up to no good.

Caveman Capers is an excellent game. It has got fast action, simple controls, and is just brimming with humour.

James Riddell

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