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Computer Gamer

By Palace
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer Gamer #2


After the not-very-good Evil Dead from Palace, Cauldron is a breath of fresh air. The initial format is similar to a "Defender-type" scrolling screen, with superbly detailed forests, graveyards, islands, and other bits and pieces running across the bottom of the screen.

However, instead of a spaceship you have a witch, and instead of aliens you have bats, ghosts and sharks. It is here that the similarity ends. Whilst you are blasting (sorry, casting spells) at all the nasties you must look for some keys; a key of a particular colour will let you into a door of the same colour.

Entering a door changes everything. The game now moves onto a ladder and ramps type game, but I found it much more satisfying than most L&R stuff as it has a much more interesting format and some problems extend over many screens.

Completing the room rewards you with an ingredient for your spell, collecting six of these and dumping them in the pot in your cottage rewards you with spell, with which you can rid the giant pumpkin in the final room.

One good point is the instructions which are presented in verse. So buy this game without delay, SHIFT/RUN STOP and then press play.