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Castle Of Terror
By Melbourne House
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #103

If you like graphic adventure games set to spooky music this might be for you.

The cassette comes with three pages of instructions although the precise objective is not given. "What you do is up to you," says the blurb. As the title page shows a Dracula figure, putting a stake through his heart wouldn't be a bad idea.

The adventure loads quickly and the screen has a hi-resolution picture in the top half with your input and text replies at the bottom. One feature is its English style input. This adventure allows you to enter "VOCAB" to see a last of verbs accepted by the computer. However I don't seem to have the knack of communicating in pidgeon English. When I enter "KNOCK ON DOOR", the computer responds "You do not have it" although KNOCK is in the vocab! I therefore tend to have many inane conversations with the computer.

The usual adventure commands are provided, look, inventory, examine etc. In addition you can call up the number of moves you've taken and your score and you can quit and restart the game at any stage.

I think keen adventurers would get several hours of gaming out of Castle Of Terror. The graphics are good, there are appropriate sound effects at certain stages and some of the characters are animated.