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Castle Assault
By Blue Ribbon
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 2.03

The objective of Castle Assault is to go up the floors of a castle, jumping over monsters, climbing ladders and negotiating moving platforms. On each floor, there are fruits which, when devoured by the little man under the player's control, earn points.

These points are hard to come by, not because the fruits are difficult to eat, but because they are difficult to get to. When the player reaches the top of the screen he gets a bag of gold which takes him into the next screen. These become progressively harder and so I haven't seen too many of them.

To make things more complicated, after the first level of difficulty there are birds passing above which knock you off if you let them. These are accompanied by rocks which might hit you and so also make your life a misery.

Castle Assault

The graphics on this game are very competent with excellent smooth movement by the player's man. This game shows that even though the Electron is slower than the Beeb, it is still capable of providing the environment for some excellent graphics games.

One major disadvantage this program has is that levels of difficulty are not different enough to maintain interest.

Unfortunately for MRM this type of game is not commonplace for the Electron. So whilst it is competent it is not different enough to warrant buying if you already have Killer Gorilla or Ghouls.

On the whole, whilst Castle Assault doesn't have a lot wrong with it, it's not exciting enough to make an impact on the software charts.

Dave Reeder

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