Home Computing Weekly

Casino Royale

Author: D.M.
Publisher: Oxford Computer Systems
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #117

Don't confuse this with anything to do with James Bond. The spelling's different. Cunning huh? What you get are' two casino games, Roulette and Pontoon - Blackjack with a cloth cap.

Roulette could be said to be icon driven, you place your bets on the board by moving a cursor with your joystick. Several are catered for. Once the placing of bets is over, the game moves into the wheel phase. No attempt is made to simulate 3-D but movement is very smooth, with suitable sound effects. Currah Micro Speech is also featured, though I couldn't test this because I haven't got one. The game continues till you quit, or until you run out of money, in which case a suitably rude message is printed.

Pontoon is the old stick, twist or bust game. You must bet on the possibility of reaching a face value of 21 or nearer than the computer gets. Over 21 and you're bust. Again, the computer plays a mean game. The graphic standard of this offering is best described as adequate, though it's pleasing to note the detailed instructions for saving the whole thing to Microdrive, and the complete playing manual.

Given the number of Summer Fairs, Fetes and PTA gatherings coming up in the next few weeks, I can see the humble Spectrum being pressed into service to part some genuine punters from real money! Reasonable value though not outstanding.


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