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Computer Gamer

Captain Kelly
By Quicksilva
Commodore 64

Published in Computer Gamer #21

Captain Kelly

Having answered a small ad in the situations vacant column of the Space Gazette, you are surprised to be offered the job and find yourself in the exalted position of space ship delivery man. A malfunction in the security card system in one of the BET class of mining traders, Obsidian 2 arouses your curiosity one day and, like a fool, you wander in to investigate. Unfortunately, te ship allows intruders in but not out and you find yourself in a slight altercation with some thirty-five robots. In other words, the not-too-original plot of you trying to rid a space ship of robots and so regain control.

The robots are spread over seven levels, five to a level and you can dispose of them by blasting but it takes quite a few shots and you only have a limited supply of ammunition, oxygen and energy and so need to find top-up places on your travels. You can wander round your current level at will but a teleport is required to move elsewhere. Armouries, oxygen tanks and infirmaries are available but you are limited to the number of visits you make there unless you can find the radio room and lock onto the laser satellite. There are three different types of robots and some levels have regenerating plants to further hinder you. A terminal on each level monitors your progress but this closes down when all the robots on that floor have been eliminated.

The best thing that can be said about Captain Kelly is that it is average. Unoriginal plot and gameplay, fair graphics and sound. Straightforward shoot-'em-up with no lasting appeal. Would have been reasonable as a budget game.