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Captain Kelly
By Quicksilva
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #12

Captain Kelly

Has anybody here seen Kelly? K,E,LL,Y... well never mind, I remember the song anyway. And on the subject of Quicksilva's new release Captain Kelly - I wish I hadn't seen it!

You play the part of an interstellar delivery driver who's got to pick up spaceships from one part of the galaxy and drop them off somewhere else, presumably hitching a ride back to cash in on expenses.

On the particular job, though, the chip you have to deliver has a few things wrong with it such as marauding homicidal robots and the like. It's up to you to rid each of the seven levels on the ship of rampaging robots and regain control.

All the action is seen in plan view and pretty uninspiring it is too. As far as I could see it looked rather similar to the tanks game on the original Atari VCS, except that it doesn't have bendy bullets. The basic shoot 'em up theme is jazzed up a bit by the fact that you have to keep rushing around the ship in a wild frenzy to try and recharge your laser and your energy. But even this does nothing to add to the excitement any.

Unfortunately Captain Kelly isn't even saved by the graphics or sound. All I can say is take it away Capt'n 'cos I certainly don't want it!

Chris Palmer

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