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Can You Spell?
By Mellowsoft
Oric 1/Oric Atmos

Published in Home Computing Weekly #89

Can You Spell? is an educational game for four to six-year olds by a relatively new company called Mellowsoft.

When the main program is loaded, a large picture of a train is drawn to attract the child's attention. Then a three-part harmony tune is played until you intervene. The screen set up is of a factory with a small but very carefully designed truck at the right hand edge and a crane at the top. Then a very detailed picture of an everyday object is drawn at the top right hand corner.

The child is then asked to move a space invders-type base and shoot the appropriate letter for the name of that object. If the choice is correct the truck collects the letter and delivers it to the crane which in turn moves to a box. This is done for each letter and thus the name of that object is slowly built up.

This may sound like any other spelling game but this one is rather special. The quality of graphics and tunes played are superb and should help to keep the wandering attention of a young child.