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Can You Count?
By Mellowsoft
Oric 1/Oric Atmos

Published in Home Computing Weekly #89

Can You Count? is an educational game for four to six year-olds by a new company called Mellowsoft.

As soon as the program starts to load, you notice that it's special. This program actually has a title page. You may think this is trivial but these days, presentation is almost as important as the program itself.

When the main program is loaded, the child is presented with three choices; a trip to the town, country or seaside. When one is chosen, the appropriate picture is drawn. The child is asked to count the number of objects. For example, if you chose option one, you may be asked to count the number of blue cars, or in the case of choice two, the number of sheep.

This may sound like other educational software but what makes this particular program head and shoulders above the rest is its presentation. The meticulous attention to graphical detail, the three-part harmony music and the small but important details such as a number input routine which doesn't require RETURN make this a very professional program.