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Camelot Warriors
By Ariolasoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #62

Camelot Warriors

This is most severe case of back to the future as I've ever come across. All I did was take a quick kip in the 20th Century and I wake up in the time of King Arthur with a desperate urge to get back to the present.

Armed with my trusty sword Excamembert, I set about exploring Arthur's world.

The idea is to find four elements from the 20th Century. These are the fire which does not burn, the mirror of wisdom, the elixir of life and the voice from the other world.

Camelot Warriors

There are four levels to search - the forest, lake, caves and finally Camelot Castle.

In many ways, Camelot Warriors reminded me of Sorcery. Graphically, it has the same sort of look and feel. And that's no bad compliment.

Camelot Warriors is one of Ariolasoft's best games for ages.