Amstrad Action

Camelot Warriors

Author: Bob Wade
Publisher: Ariolasoft
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #16

Camelot Warriors

In yon newest game from Arioiasoft takest thou ye arcade adventure role, forsooth.

Enough of the Olde Enghshe. This game places you in the boots of a knight in the time of King Arthur and Camelot. You are asked to grab your trusty sword 'Excamembert' to fight your way to Camelot Castle. On your way, you have to take the four objects from the 20th century to the four guardians of each world.

The loading screen promises much, but so do most. Choose keyboard or joystick to find yourself at the start of the adventure.

Camelot Warriors

Very quickly you'll lose a couple of lives before realizing what you have to do to protect yourself After a while you learn what can be killed and what you must evade. Firstly, you must find 'the fire which does not burn' and take it to Aznaht, the master druid of the forest. Secondly find 'the mirror of wisdom' and take it to Kindo, Neptune's brother and king of the lake.

Once in the caves, you must find 'the elixir of life' and take it to Azornic, the powerful dragon and lord of the caves. Your final task is to find 'the voice from the other world' and take it to Arthur, King of Camelot.

The first task is not difficult and can be done after a few attempts. Jumping into the lake, however, is tricky and you realise that a man's best friend is not a bubble.

Camelot Warriors

The next level is the hardest. It's all right for those reviewers who can spend all day to beat a level, but poor students have lesser tasks to spend their time on.

Camelot Warriors, although having average graphics and sound effects, is still a very addictive game. The graphics are only fair, like the hunchback knight of Notre Camelot, though with some good touches, like the frog's leap - real animation; Sound effects are boring and, if they weren't necessary to know when you had hit something, would be better turned off. Initial aspects of this game were promising, like the rendition of Scarborough Fair during the title page. However, even this gets boring.

Second Opinion

The tough timing problems will appeal to some players, but there just didn't seem enough depth to keep me playing for long. There are nice features like the frog. With only four tasks, however, you probably won't be interested for long. I liked the graphics and the mixture of flick and scrolling screens, but this won't be everyone's cup of tea.

First Day Target Score

Camelot Warriors

Get the frog in the water

Good News

P. A taxing arcade adventure.
P. Good froggy jump.
P. Very addictive.

Bad News

N. Mediocre sound effects.
N. Annoying features like jumping the green things.

Bob Wade

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