Camelot Warriors

Publisher: Ariolasoft
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #35

Camelot Warriors

There you are, all tucked up snugly in your comfy bed dreaming wonderful dreams. Tonight you're back in the days of King Arthur. You're a brave, dashing knight: rescuing beautiful damsels from distress and generally buckling your swash. But in the morning your alarm clock never rings and when you open your eyes you are no longer in your semi-detatched in Surbiton, but, gadzooks in the very land of which ye were dreaming.

Gone are your street-cred clothes and your Diadora trainers and in their place is a splendid suit of armour. This might not look quite as cool as your previous attire but it will certainly equip you a lot better in this hostile world.

Armed with your trusty sword Excamembert, your task is to go forth and redress the balance of time. This is why, four twentieth century elements have followed you through the time warp. These elements must be found and given to a Guardian who will return them to their real time. These elements are the Fire Which Does Not Burn, the Mirror of Wisdom, the Elixir of Life and finally - The Voice From The Other World (sinister chuckle).

Camelot Warriors

There are four environments which you must cross before you can even contemplate returning to your own time. There's the forest, the lake, the caves and eventually the castle where King Arthur is waiting to meet you. At the end of each of these sections is one of the vital elements which must be returned to 1986. Once each object has been collected it must be delivered to the Guardian and his magic cauldron.

Each section has different nasties, for instance the lake is full of killer eels and nasty fish, and that Guardian can do some very antisocial things to you, like turn you into a frog. This might seem a might unreasonable to begin with, but having this amphibious form will allow you to get through the lake section a lot easier than if you had a human body.

Did all the great and fearless men die out in the Middle Ages and are we all a bunch of wimps in the twentieth century. Only if you finish the game will you ever know!


Camelot Warriors

Control keys: Q up, O left, P right, M fire
Joystick: Kempston
Keyboard play: sensitive
Use of colour: pools of limpid colour in the evening light... alright!
Graphics: large sprites, well animated
Sound: a bit of Scarborough Fair to begin with and some spot effects throughout
Skill levels: one
Screens: about 70

Comment 1

'If you fancy a bit of a change then this could well be what you're looking for. There is an immense sense of playability from the word go. As I hacked away at the first couple of winged beasts and then started off on the quest toward Camelot Castle, I became totally engrossed. Each of the characters is excellently drawn and the backgrounds are colourful and well detailed. The sound is also quite good. I enjoyed playing Camelot Warriors, it was tremendously compelling.'

Comment 2

'Camelot Warriors is a pretty arcade adventure. I found the game relatively easy to get into, despite the blocky error detection and slow responses to joystick movement. Animation of all the characters is very well done; especially the owl which flies over the cauldron. The game contains very little colour clashes, but uses colour lavishly. The only annoying part of Camelot Warriors was that you can go so tar in the game and then no further I found the game a joy to play, although at nine pounds I feel most people won't get far enough for their money.'

Comment 3

'Camelot Warriors is a very appealing game. I enjoyed playing it a lot. While some of ARIOLASOFT's more recent products haven't been of the highest quality, I think that Camelot Warriors is the sort of game that they should be producing as standard. Colour has been used to excellent effect, and the graphics in most cases, are beautifully animated, Addictive and playable, this game is one that is well worth a quick play or two, but I doubt whether it fully justifies its price.'

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