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Home Computing Weekly

Caesar The Cat
By Mirrorsoft
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #43

Caesar The Cat has the distinction of being one of the few games to really appeal to me. The object is to make the cat catch some very elusive mice and to take them out through a door.

The action takes place on some shelves upon which are plates of cakes, cheese, sausage and other goodies. The mice eat these whilst Caesar is chasing them - the more they eat, the lower your score.

Also on the shelves are items of crockery which, if knocked down by the cat, lose lots of hard-earned points.

Three different coloured species of mice can appear, with different score potentials.

The program is very well written with excellent graphics, smooth animation and brilliant sound effects and music.

The cat has real character, and prowls and pounces well. The mice dart about and show real intelligence - they actually sit on the crockery to evade capture.

Overall, this is a gem of a game. It's well packaged, and should appeal to both children and hardened arcade fanatics. More please, Mirrorsoft.