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Bumper 7
By Axis
Sinclair ZX81

Published in ZX Computing #15

Bumper 7

Bumper 7 contains no less than - you've guessed it! - seven games for the 1K ZX81. Considering the limitations of the 1K machine, and the price of a 16K RAM pack these days, there can be few ZX81 owners with just the 1K machine. For those that do possess unexpanded ZX81s, this cassette contains a selection of games which illustrate certain features such as scroll and cursor control which may help with your own programs.

Repeat 20 is a memory test in which progressively larger numbers have to be remembered. The Slalom is a downhill ski-run in which the player has to guide the skier through 25 gates.

Also included within Bumper 7 are versions of Paper, Stone, Scissors [This used to be called Ick, Ack, Ock. Don't ask me why! - Ed]; Snowflake, a game in which the aim is to catch a falling snowflake in a bucket; Patterns, an endlessly changing pattern-generation program; Banco, based on the card game Chemin-de-fer; and finally Sketch, which is a program to enable pictures to be drawn on the screen.

Bumper 7 is a good introductory cassette for the new-ish 1K ZX81 owner.

Nick Pearce

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