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By TV Games
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #7


Macsen are swift becoming the Ocean Software of the quiz game world - if it moves, get a licensing deal out of it. This version of Central's Bullseye comes complete with Bully, a disembodied throwing hand and an assortment of dart boards.

The action, if you can call it that, switches between darts and questions. Your skill at the darts sections will earn you a chance to answer first, or determine the bonus if you get if correct. The darts control is quite simple. Use left and right cursor keys to position the hand - then hold the space bar down. This builds up the throwing strength, which determines how high your dart will hit the board.

Once the strength has reached the desired level, release the space bar and the dart is thrown. It's simple, and there's a fair element of chance to it, but it's quite entertaining. As for the quiz elements, I've already had my rant on this sort of thing in the Blockbuster review. It is very much a matter of opinion but myself, I really cannot see the point in using computers for a task they're so obviously unfit for. The memory size and storage access speed of the basic 464 are nowhere near adequate for a proper quiz game.

The only way to avoid repetition - I was asked the same question twice within five minutes! - is to keep loading in new sets of questions. This takes ages, and in any case there are only two sets with the game. You can't write new questions at all, or buy new ones.

Second Opinion

I enjoyed this - for a few minutes. The dart-throwing was fun, but it doesn't really stretch you. Some of the questions were reasonably gripping, but again there isn't the necessary variety to give it that real lasting interest.

Third Opinion

This is a quiz game that will actually appeal to many people. I enjoyed the dart throwing and different quiz sections to the game. It still has some flaws in that the game will become repetitive but there seems plenty of variety in the questions and most importantly the increasing difficulty level. Not a 180 but it might get me to the 'ockey again.

Green Screen View

Very playable - you might not be able to see the colours, but the numbers are certainly there.

Good News

P. Darts section is fun for a while.
P. Bully graphic and throwing hand aren't too bad.

Bad News

N. It's a quiz game.
N. There aren't any prizes.

Adam Waring

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