Builder/Minefield (Lantern) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Lantern

Published in Home Computing Weekly #47

Two simple yet entertaining games which are loaded together then selected from menu. Versions are provided for both keyboard and joystick.

The object of Builder is to pick up bricks and lay them on a concrete strip. As you steer your truck round the site, puddles must be avoided as should the oily trail left behind. You may have either a static or moving truck where moving means continually travelling in the direction last input.

In the keyboard version, however, the truck can be stopped by any key other than those controlling direction - an oversight which allows cheating! The game ends either when all bricks have been successfully laid or if you cause so much damage that you are sacked.

In Minefield you steer a tank from the left to right avoiding mines in your path, the number of which is increased with each traverse. If this wasn't enough, a howitzer periodically fires, blocking your way even more. When the tank crashes three times the game ends, showing yards of territory gained. When this becomes too easy, you can get opt for invisible mines and then you're in trouble!


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