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Computer Gamer

Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #22


Bugsy is dis avencha from da St Brides mob over in Ireland, an' is bein' peddled by doze hoods in de CRL gang - headed by de No 2 boss 'Big Clem' his-self.

In case youse ain't heard on de grapevine, dere's a new rabbit in town. Bugsy Maroon's de name, bein's No 1's gonna be me game. I am ta be de No 1 boss in die burg, an 'retire' dat old boy Capone. But I need some help from de keyboard bashin' fraternity and tru dis Quilled game youse can do it.

Dis games got all dees pichures in all de places dat yuse need ta visit, along wis de witty com... commen... comment... commentawy provided from your truly. In case ya wasn't listenin' earlier, de aim of de game is to make me top hncho an' ta do dis youse gotta lie, cheat, rob, murder, thieve, bribe, an' indulge in de odd bit of extortion inta de bargain - but be careful dat youse don't do anyfin dats illegal 'cos de law will be onta youse, and dat's naughty - so keep it legit an' pay your train fares.

Of course, ta do all dees tings ya need ta be able ta talk to everybody. So daresa good bit of de old character interaction an dat sort of ting wis dis new talkin' system dat de St Brides' mob have woiked out so dat youse can hire some 'boys' or get some shooters, rob banks an' post offices, and put de 'squeeze' on de good people of Chicago.

So youse keyboard bashers as gotta get me all de trappins of de successfuly crime boss cars, houses an' dat sorta thing - so youse gotta woik hard an' get me to de top of de pile good an' quick.

As far as I can see, dis is a pretty good game, wiv dis good twist of havin' me as a rabbit. An' de pichures are pretty good an' all. If I don't watch it, de St Brides' mob is gonna make a move on me before I gets to No 1, so's I'd better getta move on - doin' time waits fer no man (or wabbit).