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Buggy Blast
By Firebird
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #42

Buggy Blast

Want an interesting space shoot out with lots of action? Then look no further!

Firebird's Buggy Blast features great graphics, good sound, multi-level play and a fairly original plot. And all for a reasonable price.

You are the pilot of the space buggy, a spacecraft specially designed for an attack on the Lurgon base on the planet Endra.

The ultimate mission is to fly along the central Lurgon corridor and destroy enough Lurgons to cause a power reversal that will destroy the entire Lurgon race!

But before you do that, you must prove yourself capable of the task by flying qualifying missions which test your skills.

After each mission, you must return to the mothership in time to refuel and get essential repairs carried out on your buggy. After each run, you get a Cycredit Rating - this shows your current skill level and decides which of the sectors of the Lurgon base you are talented enough to attack next. The mothership's computer automatically launches you into the right sector.

As I've already mentioned, the graphics are really nice. The launch sequence from the mothership will be familiar to all of you who used to watch Battlestar Galactica on TV.

The "corridor" is similar to the Star Wars trench - except it is inhabited by nicely drawn Lurgons, who are robot-like creatures, and other hazards.

Lots of action, lots of variety and plenty of fun! My only criticism is that Buggy Blast isn't joystick compatible which means lots of finger-tangling moments!