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ZX Computing

Buggy Blast
By Firebird
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #19

Buggy Blast

This is a graphically excellent 'zap the aliens' type of game, which I found very difficult to master. One of the reasons I found it difficult was that there are no joystick options. There is a choice of two sets of keys, OWOMXP for Life, Right, Up, Down, phaser and normal fire, and the cursor keys plus X.

I personally preferred the first option, but, although the cassette tells you to remove all peripherals, I tried it with the AKG Protocol 4 joystick interface and guess what? It worked. Life became easier.

There is a lot happening in this game, different aliens attack you from all sides, and deciding which one to try and hit needs quick assessment of the relative value of each. On my first go I killed nine or ten and scored nothing! This is a full blooded program and it is quite hard to score in the early stages - it's not for those who give up easily or want a purely mindless slaughter of offending aliens. Experienced players may find this a challenge will which keep them on their toes for some time.

Your task is to progress through eight sectors which are variations on the corridor flying theme, finally destroying 20 Lurgons in that sector in order to cause a power reversal which will destroy them. There are a lot of things to watch, scanner, computer, life mode, phaser lights and energy, and all the while the attacking aliens!