Home Computing Weekly

Bug Eyes

Author: T.W.
Publisher: Icon
Machine: Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #106

From beginning to end this is the best planned, designed and executed program yet to be seen by this reviewer. The introductory screen has instructions scrolling across the centre while lines scroll towards you in the bottom half. There are samples of each of the 10 screens - very good for reviewers! There are some similarities to Manic Miner, with good, smooth graphics, effective sound and steady scrolling. Each screen is totally different in design, though the basic idea is the same. You try to reach the Generating Room and destroy the power generator of the Xxabaneans' starship. The Xxabaneans - the Bug-Eyes - are trying to destroy all intelligent life in the Universe.

In your spacesuit, you enter Screen I and try to avoid the nine Stamping Stompers, which are pistons moving out of synchronisation and at different speeds. If you make it to the bottom the next. more difficult. screen is reached. It has Blinking Bouncers, that squash, and bridges that come and go. Each successive screen gels increasingly more difficult. There are Lazer Blazers. lasers and spiders. Whizzing Walkways. six moving bridges, Plummeting Platform and finally the Generating Room with moving portcullises, conveyor belt and Blinking Bouncers.

A colourful, enjoyable, addictive arcade adventure game that all games people should own.