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Home Computing Weekly

Buck Rogers: Planet Of Zoom
By U. S. Gold
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #124

This is a translation of a game originally released by US Gold for the C64 and as such is a pretty faithful copy. In it you, as Captain Buck Rogers, must fly your ship through a series of screens avoiding the inevitable opponents and other obstacles.

On the first level you have to fly your craft through a specified number of electrified gates. The next level has the same gates and long-legged bouncing space monsters. Your objective on this level can be made up of a combination of flying through the gates and shooting down the aliens.

The third level adds another dimension in the form of alien spacecraft. Again shooting these down adds to the number required to get you through to the next level of the game. Beware, the space ships have a nasty way of flying behind you and catching you unaware.

Level four has you flying through space in a single handed attempt at ridding the sky of those ubiquitous aliens. The final phase has you trying to shoot down the mother ship and then it's back to the beginning but the gates are now narrower.

Graphically this is a pretty game but it has nothing spectacular to recommend it. The game is fun to play but presents no new challenge and at £7.95 is overpriced. For anyone who has just bought a computer and wants to build a collection of games this may be of interest, but to dedicated players it may be a bit of a disappointment.