Home Computing Weekly

Bubble Buster
By Pocket Money
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #120

The quality of these cheap games varies a tremendous amount. You could go a long way before finding anything that is playable and satisfying.

To start with you can choose your colour background which also affects the detail hence most people stick to black. It is a game operated by one joystick which allows smooth control of what graphics there are. These are the good points.

The bad news is that all you do is move from left to right preventing bubbles, which look a trifle squashed, from landing at the bottom. You are given five catchers stacked one on top of the other which you must use to block the bubbles. If you let one through you lost a catcher and this makes it increasingly difficult to prevent further landings.

Three walls of these blisters are visible at the top of the screen and if you survive this wave then more appear. A score is accumulated but there are no further developments.

Visually, I find it quite attractive but not a game that will challenge you or keep you guessing. Not blisteringly addictive and could burst the bubble of success so far enjoyed by Microdeal, whose name is not revealed until the title screen loads - which is not surprising really!


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