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Bubble Bobble
By The Hit Squad
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Your Sinclair #69

Bubble Bobble

Cute games, eh? What can you say about them, apart from "Aawww!" (or possibly "Bleugh"). To be fair though, the simpering niceness of the cuties has often hidden a darn playable game - and as if to prove the point, here comes the grandaddy of them all.

As Bob or Bub (or both if there's a pal handy) you're out to bash up the slightly evil Baron von Blubba. Your sweet little dinosaurs (aawww!) have to blow bubbles at the nasties, then boot them around the screen until they pop and disgorge score-boosting goodies.

Sprinkled around this (very) basic concept are power-ups, oodles of hidden bonuses and a stonking 100 levels of play. All this adds up to a tasty barg, but (strangely enough) it doesn't work very well in one-player mode.

The desire to get to the next level is still there, but to be brutally honest, it gets rather samey. With two players though, it's a completely different game (even though it's still exactly the same, if you see what I mean). The interplay between Bub and Bob is a delight, ranging from planned co-operation to open warfare. Luckily, with extra lives and a continue option, there's plenty of time to make up!

The small but detailed monochrome graphics make the action easy on the eyes, and in the best tradition of cute games there are a whole load of surpnses to discover. Yup, if you haven't guessed by now. this is Megagame material. On your own you'll find it playable enough - team up with another Spec-chum and it's a riot!

Jon Pillar

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