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Bubble Bobble
By Silverbird
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #43

Bubble Bobble

This superb conversion of the Taito coin-op puts you (and a chum) in the leathery skins of bubble-blowing Brontosauri.

Bub and Bob, the dinos in question, have to bounce through 100 screens of platforms, encapsulating monsters in bubbles, then bursting them to release bonus point objects.

Other items appear, providing their lucky collector with *big* point bonuses or such super-powers as the ability to run and release bubbles at speeds which are nothing short of staggering and to shoot devastating fireballs at all and sundry.

It's madcap... wacky, even... and it's loads of fun.

In its original ten quid incarnation, Zzap! awarded Bubble Bobble 97% and a Gold Medal. At this price, the game is an absolute steal, and anyone who missed out on it back then would have to be really rather silly not to get hold of it now.