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Bridge Player
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #26

Bridge Player 2


IF YOU are an avid bridge player you will know that it is often very difficult to find three other people to play what is perhaps the most exciting and complex of card games. Unless you go to classes it is also difficult to have the opportunity to learn more advanced play without upsetting expert partners or losing a little cash.

CP Software has come to the rescue with two programs designed to meet the problems - Bridge Player and Bridge Tutor - Advanced.

Both programs use the Acol bidding system and accept most conventional bids, including the Stayman and Blackwood conventions. Full cassette notes supplement the programs and give comprehensive instructions on the playing method.

In Bridge Player it is assumed that you have some idea of the basics of bridge playing. The computer will shuffle and deal a new random hand each time and you can then elect either to bid your hand in the normal way, following it with the game, or you can choose to see all four hands, decide the contract and declarer, and then play out the contract. When the play is completed, the score is displayed with details of vulnerability. If you did not make the contract, the program even plays the Dead March in sympathy. You can review and replay the hand if you wish, though a replayed hand will not count towards your score.

Each hand can be printed-out if you have a printer and general operating procedure is very simple, enabling you to get straight into the play. Remember, every hand is new, so you can go back to Bridge Player time after time.

Bridge Tutor - Advanced offers 40 pre-dealt hands for the more competent player. Each hand must be loaded separately after you have loaded the main program, so do not forget to follow the instructions on-screen - the prompts are very helpful.

The play is similar and will allow only the recommended card to be put down. After the hand has been played, there is a very full explanation of the bidding and play it was designed to illustrate. You may go direct to the explanation at any time or replay the hand.

Both programs are well-designed, with clear graphics using a green table. They are of a high quality and will be of great use to players who want to improve their game.

Memory: 48K Price: £8.95

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