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Amstrad Action

By Go!
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #33


Shamen has been captured by the evil Tex Hex, who is working with Stampede to resurrect the long dead dinosaurs that roamed New Texas. Only Shamen, the mystic Indian, has sufficient power to briny back the dinosaurs. Marshal Bravestarr is the only hope for New Texas.

It's a horizontally scrolling shoot-'em-up with two main stages to the game. In one stage you run around on foot blasting the min-ions of Tex Hex and in the other you fly around on a saddle, blasting Tex Hex's minions. At the top of the screen is a map of New Texas that only has two locations shown initially; others appear as you gain information. Next to the map is a view of the New Texas horizon with the sun shown above it. You have nine sunsets to complete the game or Stampede will rule.

Your first task is to find your saddle and then set off for the only other location that's shown on the map. As you reach each location, you'll gradually gain the necessary information so that you can find Tex Hex He's tricky to get. but if you capture him he'll bargain for his freedom. You then have one confrontation to go - with Stampede himself. Kill Stampede and New Texas is saved.

The horizontal scrolling of the landscape is smooth and the sprites are bright and colourful. Sound effects are loud and explosive, but there's only music when the game first loads.

My major criticism of this is that it's too easy to complete. There are only two opponents that are even remotely difficult to defeat and they are Tex Hex and Stampede. Once you've defeated both of them, the game ends and you're left with the feeling that you've got little for your money. Younger gamesplayers may find the game a bit more challenging, but hardened shoot-'em-up freaks will want something more.

Second Opinion

The graphics flatter to deceive I'm afraid. It's jolly to play for half-an-hour until you've cracked it, but after that there's no reason to come back to it. Somebody should have beefed up the puzzling side of the game to give it much wider appeal than just to people who watch the cartoon.

First Day Target Score

Complete the game.

Green Screen View

Everything's just as easy to see in green as it is in colour.


Graphics 67%
P. Simple horizontal scrolling.
P. Colourful, well-animated sprites.

Sonics 46%
N. Simple sound effects.

Grab Factor 57%
P. Blam, blam, blam and more blam.
N. Keep on blamming.

Staying Power 34%
N. Not enough variation in gameplay.
N. Far too easy to complete the game.

Overall 39%
A game that only younger gamesplayers will find challenging.