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Home Computing Weekly

Bounty Bob Strikes Back
By Big Five Software
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #114

Many dedicated games players will no doubt have heard of Miner 2048er. Bounty Bob Strikes Back is a follow-up to this game, and it's even tougher now!

There are 25 mines through which you must guide Bounty Bob. Each mine contains various plat forms, lifts, traps, ladders, slides and mutant organisms. You must collect any special items you find, trample on the mutants and walk over every section of the platforms. Believe me - it's extremely hard.

The game includes an excellent hi-score entry method. You must select the letters of your name from a special factory and operate all of the machinery in it - it's as much fun as playing the game.

Also featured is one of the nicest self-demos I have ever seen. There are numerous title screens and a variety of different sounds - not just the same tune over and over again. For those of you who have trouble playing, the demo actually shows you how to complete the first screen.

Before you start playing there is the option to set up the game parameters and configure it to your own specifications. There are a total of 13 fields which you may customise. Either joystick may be selected although the keyboard is not supported.

The graphics, sound and instructions are of an extremely high standard and cannot be criticised. The price may seem a bit steep but it is definitely worth it.