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Booga-Boo The Flea
By Quicksilva

Published in Home Computing Weekly #105

This game makes a refreshing change from the usual running up and down ladders.

You are a flea who falls to the bottom of some sort of pit: The undergrowth is lush and colourful but contains dangerous elements. Jumping to the left and the right you have to climb back up to the top and find a concealed exit to return to the plant surface. Your jumps are controlled by holding down a key and watching a bar increase across the bottom of the screen. This is a strength gauge and can help you if you need to do repeated jumps.

Careless jumping can land you in the grips of a flea-eating plant - amazing how it chews you up - a treat for the more blood-thirsty player! There is also a flying dragon which can stop your progress. One touch and it carries you off.

The whole scene, including the animated characters, is drawn in fantastic detail. The lurid colours of the ledges and vegetation of the undergrowth lend it a surreal quality which gives a horrific touch of realism.

But there are drawbacks, Firstly it is a difficult game to master. The annoying thing is that as you get killed you restart by hopping about at the top and fall down automatically. This sequence is too long when you simply want to get on with the game.

Secondly, the screen does tend to jump about as you hop up or fall down. The whole view just scrolls around you. This very soon gave me and my family of players a headache.

A challenging game which seemed to me quite a new idea. I couldn't reach the top and can't comment on what happens next. Marvellous graphics and, if you're willing to persevere through the scrolling screens, good value for money.