Bombjack (Elite) Review | Computer Gamer - Everygamegoing

Computer Gamer

By Elite
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #16


Yet another officially licensed game from the Elite stable. This is a conversion from the reasonably successful Spectrum game, with enhanced multi-coloured graphics and sound.

Gameplay is the same as on the Spectrum game and is identical to the coin-op game. Even to the extent that the instructions seem to be straight reproductions of the arcade originals - which make them a bit difficult to follow. This may just be my imagination - they may be just badly written, but the Japlish translation still lingers (an interesting quote is 'turn joystick downward for coming down fast'!).

The main changes from the Spectrum are mainly graphical. The resolution is slightly lowered and all the characters and backgrounds are multicoloured using the Amstrad's excellent, multi-coloured graphics ability.

Gameplay seems to be slightly easier as I managed to score much more than I usually do on the Spectrum game, which leads me to suspect that it may be easier to play. Certainly you actually need to hit the enemies to die, on the Spectrum you just have to get near them to end your short existence.

A good conversion of a good conversion of a good game.