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Bomber Raid
By Sega
Sega Master System (EU Version)

Published in Computer & Video Games #89

Bomber Raid

Bomber Raid is a vertically scrolling shoot-'em-up in the same vein as 1942.

Taking control of a crumbly old fighter, it's the player's task to fly a solo mission deep into enemy territory, blasting all and sundry along the way.

The action is split into five different missions, each one having a giant mothership at the end.

When the game starts, the fighter is a pretty useless piece of equipment and is armed with a double-shot cannon. However, power-ups can be collected by blasting aerial mines and picking up the symbols they leave behind. Occasionally, a red symbol is dropped, and if this is collected a little plane appears to the left of the player's fighter, adding even more firepower. A second wing plane can be collected in similar fashion.

The enemy are a varied bunch, ranging from aeroplanes and missiles to tanks and gun emplacements. All shoot at the player and attempt to destroy all of his five lives.

When the final "ultimate weapon" on level five is destroyed, the action returns to level one, but with faster enemy craft.

Bomber Raid is fun, but is marred by the fact that it's too easy. It takes little practice to go all the way through to level five, and once you've done that the appeal wanes. The graphics and sound are fairly good, but they are let down by the gameplay - it's just not challenging enough.