Bomb Jack
By Encore
Amiga 500

Published in Computer & Video Games #105

Bomb Jack

This budget re-release of a crumbly Tecmo coin-op features a guy by the name of Jack, who has thing thing about collecting bombs (funny fellow). Unfortunately, these particular bombs that Jack's set his heart on have been planted by a punch of aliens who want to blow up the Earth. So, thinks Jack, I can collect some bombs and save the Earth at the same time. Brill, eh?

Erm, unfortunately no. The arcade original was no great shakes but these 16-bit conversions are absolute crud. Gameplay is limited and repetitive (just jump about, collect bombs and avoid nasties), graphics are small, blocky and poorly defined, the backdrops range from bland to garish, and the sound will have you reaching for the volume switch after a few seconds. Overall, this is something to steer well clear of.


Aaarrgh! You'll have more fun standing in a bowl of porridge. Avoid, unless you're very silly.

Atari ST

Exactly the same game in all respects. Absolute trash.