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The Micro User

By Addictive Games

Published in The Micro User 3.10

Bouncing Boffin

Following the success of Football Manager, Addictive Games have moved from strategy to arcade action with Boffin.

Professor Boffin must travel through a complex of 20 caves, the route being constructed from small ledges. The professor can leap between some of them but others must be negotiated by alternative methods.

Each cave is littered with numerous unlucky horse shoes. The professor has to collect them all before touching the lucky owl. If he happens to have forgotten any, touching the owl isn't so lucky.


Movement consists of left, right and jump. The professor carries an umbrella which proves very useful when falling from great heights and can also be used to reach high objects.

Although some ledges cannot be reached by jumping, for tunately the previous inhabitants of the caves were trampolining enthusiasts and left their equipment behind.

Though the real difficulty lies in the layout of the screen, a game of this kind would not be the same without the bad guys. present in this case is an enormous tarantula.

Another quite daunting creature is the manta-bat. Thankfully these prove friendly and can be used as living escalators when you can't find a trampoline.

The ladders and levels section of the arcade market is very crowded but I feel that Professor Boffin has sufficient originality to succeed against all the competition.

Carol Barrow

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