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Bob's Full House
By TV Games
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #66

Bob's Full House

Are you one of these people who sits in front of the telly watching game shows and says: 'I could do better than that'? Whatever you say you can now play Bob's Full House, that popular (?) BBC game show, on your Spectrum.

According to the inlay 'hours of family entertainment' is guaranteed as you play through the three rounds of the TV show, with the winner going onto the grand final.

The first round is open to all contestants and the objective is to light the lour corners of your bingo card. Each of the lour contestants (some can be the computer) has a button on the keyboard as a buzzer and once pressed the answer has to be keyed in word perfect. II you get an answer wrong you are 'wallied' and cannot answer the next question (it's good if you play with Skippy because he's always been a wally).

Bob's Full House

Round two is identical to round one except that this time you have to light up all the squares in the middle row. The third is where you go for a full house and light up all the lights on your card.

The first person to get a full house goes on to the big finish, Bob's Golden Card. If you have ever watched the programme on TV you will know that the contestant has 60 seconds to answer as many questions as possible. Each time they get one right they are asked to choose a number of a square. Some squares give that amount in money and others give a letter. The letters make up the name of a holiday destination -your prize.

It all sounds great fun, doesn't it? The computer version holds little long term appeal as the questions repeat themselves very quickly. The pictures of the contestants and bingo cards are average, but graphics are not that important in a quiz game. There are basic sound effects during the game but no tune. Bob's Full House is great as a television programme and had potential as a computer game but the lack of questions really lets it down.



'While aesthetically quite pleasing, with animated contestants and an amusing caricature of Mr Monkhouse, the game offers little in the way of entertainment. It knows hardly any questions; you can gel the same question three of four times in one game quite easily, and frankly the game's whole design is pathetic. Like all computer quiz show tie-ins, Bobs Full House simply does not muster up any sense of achievement on the player's part, more so in one-player mode. Basically, this is one TV licence Domark should have left alone.'

Nick RobertsMike Dunn

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