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BMX On The Moon
By Superior
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #90

This title must be the most silly and irrelevant that has ever been published for the BBC. It must be designed to catch the unwary BMX/BBC owners and help them part with their cash.

The BMX in question is in fact a moon cycle and you have to ride it over the surface of the moon avoiding rocks, bouncing monsters, flying barrels and alien space-ships.

The graphics are reasonable but the game itself is very badly designed. To jump over the rock you have to accelerate and jump, but once you are in mid-air you can brake! The main problem is that the game is not very realistic and so it is difficult to understand. At ties it is impossible to continue and you have to crash.

The game is obviously a copy of an arcade game and taking this into consideration it is of a fairly low standard.

With all this you may think the game is awful and you shouldn't buy it but this is only an opinion and someone else may find it very good. There's no accounting for taste!


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