BMX Hyper Biker Simulator

Publisher: Top Ten
Machine: Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #36

BMX Hyper Biker Simulator

Top Ten's BMX Hyper Biker Simulator offers the budding biker the opportunity of racing against a computer or human opponent over six increasingly difficult courses, which scroll from left to right. Each course contains a variety of obstacles which are successfully negotiated to allow progress.

From a main options screen, up to four riders can take part, with the races adopting a knockout system: the fastest qualifying time results in passage to the next round.

Three control options are offered, two using the joystick and a third, the keyboard. Additionally, a game can be stopped or restarted at any time.

BMX Hyper Biker Simulator

An information panel above the main playing screen displays the riders' names, their current times, the distance covered and the track qualifying time.


This has unusually good pre-game presentation: the option of two joystick controls and one keyboard, comprehensive (if condescending) instructions, and the ability to race against up to three other opponents (although only one at a time).

Unfortunately, the gameplay fails to match this polish, since racing soon becomes a joystick-waggling chore - especially when the computer opponent is so unmercifully consistent. This grows annoying on the later courses, where so much precise timing is required that it becomes virtually impossible to defeat.

BMX Hyper Biker Simulator

Additional frustration stems from the graphics: the backdrops are poorly coloured and feebly drawn. Likewise the riders are extremely and unnecessarily basic. This is by far the worst BMX bike simulation I've seen.


Completing Top Ten's brace of turkeys this month comes the long-winded title of BMX Hyper Biker Simulator. Like its comrade, this game has very little in the way of redeeming features: only the incredible instructions and comprehensive otions are really noteworthy.

The graphics appear to have been created by the same team that did Helidrop, although a passable attempt at parallax scrolling and some animation saves them from total distance. Gameplay, however, is awful: the choice of control methods is rendered worthless because none are really adequate.

BMX Hyper Biker Simulator

I waggled until I was blue in the face, but never came even close to beating the computer! A terrible release which demands and deserves no attention whatsoever.


Presentation 83%
Good range of options, comprehensive front end and superb instructions.

Graphics 22%
Poor animation, horrible expanded sprites and drab coloration throughout.

BMX Hyper Biker Simulator

Sound 25%
Reasonable in-game tune, but no effects.

Hookability 15%
An almost immediate feeling of antipathy and the visual and aural presentation repel attraction.

Lastability 7%
There are six courses but the action is so unappealing that you'll never want to see them.

Overall 19%
An uncontrollable and visually biking simulation.