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Blue Max 2001
By Synsoft
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #50

Blue Max 2001

Remember Max Chatsworth, the daring air ace who took to the skies in his trusty bi-plane in Blue Max? Well, he's back - warped far into the future and out to save the world from the evil Furxx!

It's not really the same Max, it's alleged that this chap is a descendant of that first hero - but who cares? This Max has forsaken his bi-plane and takes to the skies in his deadly new Cravonic Penetrator - which sounds vaguely obscene. But then I've got that sort of mind.

You must land at rebel controlled bases to replenish your supplies of ammo and fuel before taking off for more of the same!

All in all, this game is about as boring as the first Max. The graphics are lifeless, for example your ship is a simple glittering blob.

This game has no redeeming features. Save your pennies for Winter Games!